Executive Search

Executive Search…

Senior management competencies continue to evolve however, the requirement for high-performing senior executives remains the same. Searching and interesting this talent calls for  a specialised and articulate approach, with a thorough expertise of different industry and functional roles, with ease of  access to top executives and impeccable judgment.

Creamotin Management deploy real insight into your strategic demands and tested assessment tools to hire senior executives leaders who have the necessary competence,  experience and personal characters to advance company strategies and gain exceptional results.
As a seasoned executive headhunter, we seek to execute the top executive recruitment for leading companies in all industry sectors and to combine ourfunctional expertise with dedication and a  fast turn around  service to providea  clear cut fitting and effective service.
We have very talented consultants who have joined us from other market leadres with vast experience from  the sectors where they have a specialised expertise
Each consultant works within a well defined market sector where they have  gained knowledge and expertise of the requirements of that industry. Our consultants are adaptable and approach each search assignment with an approach dedicated to our clients business need.
Professionalism, confidentiality and a personalized service are at the heart of  what we do. Cremotin utilizes it’s proven expertise in the search process to facilitate the identification and recruitment of the most qualified top management leaders.

Why choose to work with us?…

We dig deep and search widely and we pair precision and attention to detail with  creativity and the ability to see the big picture.

From the moment we are assigned with a project, a consultant with their associates draw up a project plan for your business requirement and keep you updated throughout the entire search procees.

Our structure is non-hierarchical and is supported by a highly experienced dedicated leadership team which enables synergy  at all levels.

We dedicate the best people for each assigment drawing the the client’s business requirement matched with the expertise of oir consultants. Our clients  would know exactly who is managing their recruitent and who are involved throughout the process

We do have an exceptional database where we begin the search process for every assignment. However, we treat each assigment with a fresh and ambitous approach and search beyond the resources we curently have acces to.
Cremotin strives to have the highest and successful turn around service in the in this business. We place speed as an eelement of quality but not an alternative, delieverying exaclty what is required of us is what we pride ourselves in.