Expatriate / Specialist Contracting…

Sourcing people with the right skill-set to fill senior contract positions can be a frustrating and time consuming process which can negatively impact your business if a miscalculation on the sourcing produces the wrong fit for a business critical role
Our global talent database boosts of highly qualified and niche disciplines your business needs. Cremotin Management partners with the most sought after Human Capital in vast industry sectors and we ambitiously take the responsibility for identifying and recruiting the specialist staff you require.

How our services support you
Our specialist contract staffing will;

•    Avail you with access to the best in global talent. Our partnerships with global sourcing agencies enables us to source the most highly specialist global talent for your business requirement.
•    Our global mobility experience and relocation services would take care of every detail including arranging visas and work permits, statutory registrations, accommodation and operate a fully compliant local payroll with payments in local currency or foreign currency.
•    Saving costs and time- Through outsourcing your expatriates/specialist positions to us, we save you the time and costs involved in conducting industry research and long processes on the long hunt for specialist skillsets.
•    We also save you costs by ensuring that you are paying at the market rates and not making unnecessary hires.