Outsourcing / Contract Staffing

Cremotin Management offers Outsourcing / Contract staffing services in the region. Our Consultants have years of expertise in this business model. Cremotin Management comprehends the work efficiency and professionalism required by clients and recruits candidates accordingly. Our outsourcing services take care of each and every minutest detail right from the recruiting, appointment to the termination of an employee. Our contract staffing enables short term or a long term stafing needs.

Services offered under Contract staffing…

  • Background/Reference checks
  • Payroll Management
  • Training and Career guidance
  • Offer letters and employment contracts
  • Welfare Management
  • HR Management
  • Visa processing
  • Performance Management
  • Exit formalities

The contract Staffing Process runs through 8 key steps…

1.    Define your search requirements pertaining to the position and corporate culture
2.    Develop a list of qualified candidates through proven methods of direct sourcing, industry networking and our comprehensive database
3.    Thoroughly screen quality candidates to determine position compatibility
4.    Present qualified candidates to the client
5.    Initialize the interview process and facilitate communication with hiring managers
6.    Perform in-depth reference checks upon request
7.    Assist in salary negotiations
8.    Work to ensure a smooth transition for the candidate into their partnership with your company