Payroll Management

Payroll Services…

Our outsourced payroll service is a complete payroll management solution that includes both a dedicated payroll specialist team and a cost effective processing system.

This service enables our clients to have continuity in instances where many originations rely on one payroll administrator to manage their payroll function. Any unplanned absence of a payroll administrator exposes the company to a lot of vulnerability to interruptions and costly errors. Clients who have expatriate personnel working in the country also find our services convenient in running their operations.

Our team-based approach allows us to provide outsourced payroll services without interruptions as we assign a dedicated person and backup to your business.
We provide our clients with a full-service, outsourced payroll management with a dedicated Payroll Specialist, eliminating the need for a payroll administrator. We manage the process from data entry, banking transactions, employee inquiries, and completing all statutory remittances. Our approach to payroll management services is our fulltime job which means that we offer this service throughout the year over normal business working hours.

Time and Attendance…

Our automated time and attendance service electronically collects an employees’ time using one or more terminals, calculates time, and outputs to payroll applications.  This solution offer a wide degree of features, functionality and flexibility.

Consulting Projects…

Cremotin Management can help your company lacking competencies or provide the extra payroll service to complete your projects, by providing experienced Payroll Specialist to guide you on Payroll Assessments and determine and advise on best practices on your current processes.