At Cremotin Management, we understand that ambitious, competent and motivated staff are the core of any high performing company. What motivates us in the recruitment business is the drive to successfully make placements that add value and transform businesses into credible and sustainable entities.

Our achievements and success in the recruiting business is built on the exceptional experience of our specialized consulting team who posses vast industry-specific experience in their specialized sectors of focus, with a deep understanding of the diverse business cultures and economic trends in a given market.

Our approach to recruitment is holistic and built on relationships with candidates and companies to ensure that the individual requirements and aspirations of each are satisfied.

This process includes the placements we make in a variety of roles throughout organisational hierarchies whether temporary, fixed-term or permanent contracts and creating contact with all of our clients to keep them informed of outstanding personnel. We enjoy long-term relationships with our clients because our philosophy is one which is shared by everyone in our organisation.

We endevour to meet all of our clients in person and in incidences where it is not possible, we can arrange meetings to discuss your Staffing requirements via email, phone or video conferencing technology. We posses industry expertise, market intelligence and local knowledge which have driven have facilitated our service users to attract competent candidates from the local and international.

Our Recruitment Cycle…

We undertake all aspects of the recruitment services cycle which we keep simple;

  • Understand job specification
  • Screen applicants
  • Conduct initial interviews
  • Submit shortlisted candidate profiles and interview reports
  • Schedule final interviews with client
  • Follow up with clients and candidates until the closure

Why Recruit through Cremotin Management?…

To put it simply, you’ll choose us because of our people. We posses a team of consultants specialised sector expertise and competence.
But more importantly, character and technical know how in in engaging with service users  in a manner that delivers them through the entire recruitment process to the most suitable placement.
Our consultants are thorough, detailed, approachable,professional and consistently deliver our clients business requirements.

Personnel Assessment…

Determining  an individual’s qualifications, experience and skills to fit into  your company’s  strategy is a challenging process. Our discipline specific consultants and talent measurement and assessment partners are specialized in growing and managing your personnel, offering pre-employment and existing personnel assessment solutions.

Irrespective of whether a candidate has been sourced and selected by Cremotin or by you, we can run background checks to ascertain education qualifications, previous and past employment and references, criminal records and whether they’re able to work in-country or can obtain the appropriate visa.
We conduct psychometric tests for candidates under consideration and serving employees, in a bid to asses to their hard and soft skills. Hard skills assessments tests on  include intelligence, numeracy, verbal and non-verbal reasoning, quotient,  and computer literacy. The soft skills testing includes but is not limited to assertiveness, emotional intelligence, and communication ability.
The personnel assessments empower you to filter out any unsuitable candidates from your shortlist, and further gives you an understanding of the dynamics and skill sets of your current employees.

How we support you…

If assigned with your personnel assessments, we’ll:

  • Reduce your time-to-hire. Pre-employment screening is  a time consuming process. Our job to be done will be to produce a first turn around service in have placements made in the soonest time possible.
  • Help you to develop your  current employees. Through  understanding the personality and skills of your current employees, you will be empowered with knowledge   to identify problem areas and adequately address them through training or recruitment solutions.
  • Reduce your staff turnover. The personnel assessments would facilitate  you in managing  your employees and  staff retention.