Training and Development…

To empower your staff through  developing their skills, partnering with a consultancy with experience in delivering targeted training and assessment programs would transform your organization’s most important assets and empower you in delivering your business strategy.

It doesn’t matter if you want to provide graduate, project management or specific discipline training, Cremotin Management will tailor its training to provide your target audience with a solution to meet your specific needs. We also offer workforce assessments, allowing you to check that your candidates possess the necessary expertise prior to joining your organization and that your existing staff are working to their best ability.

We work with our clients  not only ensure that they have exactly the staff they need, but also that their employees have the up-to-date training and skills necessary to do their job.

We offer specific discipline training  tailored to your organization’s specific needs and  we also tailor our training to address the skills shortage within the industries we operate in by offering specific training and conversion programs, empowering people to move into new positions and transfer from one discipline into another. We work with you to ensure your workforce is kept abreast of the latest developments in your industry, thus delivering continuity.

How we support you…

If assigned with your specific discipline training, we’ll:

  • Tailor the training solution. All situations are never the same. Our tailor made training  ensures that your employees have the needed training to enhance the quality of their work.
  • We share our expertise and advice. Cremotin’s discipline specific consultants will work along your team  to understand the challenges at hand and capture standards you are looking out for  and train your employees accordingly.